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Post-Truth Alternative Fact Logbook

Ponzi Madoff


"the Donald" for President Holy Sh*t!!

Kenneth Sulkoski


25 Simple Steps To Be A Liberal

Lisa M. Kaiser


Fractured Fairytales: Political Monkey Business

Dr Donald Wayne Hendon


Snark!: A Conservelocity Anthology

Kristine Lowder


Hawaiian Games

Philip K. E. Geh


I'm Pissed Off

Salvatore Bommarito


Not Just Another Szep Book

Paul Szep


Infernal Revenue: A Jolly Peek at Some of the Scams That...

Robert W Pelton and Greg Jarnigan


Evidence for Man-Made Global Warming

Dr America Phd



Melih Gordesli


Modern Times

Peter Morgan


You Might Be a Snowflake If...

Mark Trevor


The Obama Diaries

Laura Ingraham