Topic - Politics

The Art of the Political Putdown: The Greatest Comebacks,...

Chris Lamb and Will Moredock


How the People Trumped Ronald Plump

Brian Krassenstein and Ed Krassenstein


How to Fight Presidents: Defending Yourself Against the...

Daniel O'Brien and Winston Rowntree


How to Be Straight

Milo Yiannopoulos


Bronx Heroes in Trumpland

Tom Sciacca and Ray Felix


Woman First: First Woman

Selina Meyer, Billy Kimball, et al.


Colored Ice Cream: ...and other stories

Mike Malloy


Thump: The First Bundred Days

Mark Pellegrini, Brett R Smith, et al.



Adam Scott


The Parable of the Peacock: A Read-Aloud Picture Book for...

Brent Bohlen and Basarab Oksana


Laughter of a Scoundrel

Nicholas Goroff


Catecismo Para Chairos / Catechism for Chairos (Liberals)

Ignacio Zavala and Antonio Garci