Topic - Politics

Monsters of the Ivy League

Ellis Weiner, Steve Radlauer, et al.


The Lizzard of Ozz

Rufus T. Dingleberry and Dingleberry


Marshmallows & Despair

David Ossman


How the F*ck Are You Still President

John Spreincer McKellyanne Huckamucci


Used Aliens

M Sid Kelly


Bee Gone: A Political Parable

Constance Corcoran Wilson and Gary McCluskey


Umfaan's Heroes

Jon Elkon


The Westminster Alice: A political parody based on Lewis...

Hector Hugh Munro (Saki) and Francis Carruthers Gould


2020: A Therapeutic Coloring Book

Adams Media


America, But Better: The Canada Party Manifesto

Brian Calvert and Chris Cannon


And Lead Us Not

David Pierson