Asia - Central Asia

The Mongols

David Morgan


Gardens of Hell: Battles of the Gallipoli Campaign

Patrick Gariepy


Urban Hunters: Dealing and Dreaming in Times of Transition

Lars Hojer and Morten Axel Pedersen


The Mongols of the West

Stephen A Halkovic


Mongol Elements in Manchu

William Rozyck


Travels in Central Asia

Arminius Vambery


Invisible History: Afghanistan's Untold Story

Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald


A Consensus Proposal for a Revised Regional Order in...

Jeremy Shapiro, John J. Drennan, et al.


The Alkhan: A Hunnic People in South Asia

Hans T. Bakker


Despite Cultures: Early Soviet Rule in Tajikistan

Botakoz Kassymbekova


The Pathans 550 B. C. - A. D. 1957

Olaf Caroe