World - General Books

Deep Water: The World in the Ocean

James Bradley


Unhumans: The Secret History of Communist Revolutions (and...

Jack Posobiec and Joshua Lisec


After 1177 B.C.: The Survival of Civilizations

Eric H. Cline


Gulliver's Travels

Jonathan Swift and Coralie Bickford-Smith


The Wretched of the Earth

Frantz Fanon


Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Yuval Noah Harari


Pathogenesis: A History of the World in Eight Plagues

Jonathan Kennedy


The Invention of Prehistory: Empire, Violence, and Our...

Stefanos Geroulanos


Humankind: A Hopeful History

Rutger Bregman


The World: A Family History of Humanity

Simon Sebag Montefiore


Salt: A World History

Mark Kurlansky



Nella Larsen


Revolusi: Indonesia and the Birth of the Modern World

David Van Reybrouck


A Dying Colonialism

Frantz Fanon