United States - State & Local - New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)

Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968

Ryan H. Walsh


Women of the Dawn

Bunny McBride


Hidden History of Midcoast Maine

Patricia M. Higgins


A History of the New Hampshire Abenaki

Bruce D. Heald Phd


Legends, Lore and Secrets of New England

Thomas D'Agostino and Arlene Nicholson


Scandalous Newport, Rhode Island

Larry Stanford


Edith Wharton's Lenox

Cornelia Brooke Gilder


South Boston

Anthony Mitchell Sammarco


Maine: The Wilder Half of New England

William David Barry


Frog Hollow: Stories from an American Neighborhood

Susan Campbell


East Boston Through Time

Anthony M. Sammarco


Fire Towers of the Catskills

Martin Podskoch


History of Rhinebeck

Edward M. Smith


Counterculture in Boston 1968-1980s

Charles Giuliano


Windsor Mountain School: A Beloved Berkshire Institution

Roselle Kline Chartock


On My Watch: A Memoir

Virginia Buckingham