Military - Medieval

The Horde: How the Mongols Changed the World

Marie Favereau


The Story of the Bayeux Tapestry: Unraveling the Norman Conquest

Michael Lewis and David Musgrove


The Brothers York: A Royal Tragedy

Thomas Penn


Samurai Arms, Armour & the Tactics of Warfare: The Collected...

Antony Cummins and Yoshie Minami


The Long Sword Gloss of GNM Manuscript 3227a

Michael Chidester


Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design, Volume 1

Igor Gorewicz


The Use of Medieval Weaponry

Eric Lowe


Renaissance Armies in Italy 1450-1550

Gabriele Esposito and Giuseppe Rava


From Medieval Manuscript to Modern Practice: The Longsword...

Guy Windsor and Fiore Dei Liberi


The Medieval Knight

Christopher Gravett


The Crusades: The World's Debate

Hilaire Belloc


The Normans in Italy 1016-1194

Raffaele D'Amato, Andrea Salimbeti, et al.



Marc Morris