Military - Napoleonic Wars

War and Peace (Vintage Classics)

Leo Tolstoy


On War: Complete First Four Unabridged Books

Carl Von Clausewitz


Napoleon: A Biography

Frank McLynn


The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History

Alexander Mikaberidze


Napoleon: A Life Told in Gardens and Shadows

Ruth Scurr


Plunder: Napoleon's Theft of Veronese's Feast

Cynthia Saltzman


Wellington's Cavalry and Technical Corps, 1800-1815:...

Gabriele Esposito


The Silver Bayonet: A Wargame of Napoleonic Gothic Horror

Joseph A. McCullough and Brainbug Design


Napoleon's Women Camp Followers

Terry Crowdy and Christa Hook


Napoleon: A Life

Adam Zamoyski


L'Infanterie de Ligne Tome 2: 1814-1830

Jean Marie Mongin and André Jouineau


On War (Deluxe Library Binding) (Annotated)

Carl Von Clausewitz