Military - Naval Books

Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine...

Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew


Victory at Sea: Naval Power and the Transformation of the...

Paul Kennedy and Ian Marshall


Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania

Erik Larson


To the Uttermost Ends of the Earth: The Epic Hunt for the...

Phil Keith and Tom Clavin


The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors: The Extraordinary...

James D. Hornfischer


The Battleship Book

Robert M. Farley


Vigilante!: 1,200 Hours Flying the Ultimate US Navy...

Robert Boom Powell


The Silver Waterfall: How America Won the War in the Pacific...

Steven McGregor and Brendan Simms


From Julietts to Yasens: Development and Operational History...

Alejandro A. Vilches Alarcón