Military - Korean War

Sgt. Reckless: America's War Horse

Robin Hutton


The Bridges at Toko-Ri

James A. Michener


The Korean War

Max Hastings


The Last Stand of Fox Company: A True Story of U.S. Marines...

Bob Drury and Tom Clavin


Warrior Culture: The Indian Wars and Depredations

Edward Osborne


After the Korean War: An Intimate History

Heonik Kwon


Yalu River 1950-51: The Chinese Spring the Trap on MacArthur

Clayton K. S. Chun and Johnny Shumate


The Korean War: A History

Bruce Cumings



Carlos R. Smith


MIG Alley: The US Air Force in Korea, 1950-53

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver


The Frozen Chosen: The 1st Marine Division and the Battle of...

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver


Korea: A Very Short Introduction

Michael J. Seth


The Piat: Britain's Anti-Tank Weapon of World War II

Matthew Moss, Adam Hook, et al.