Europe - Great Britain - Stuart Era (1603-1714) Books

The Keys To Corfe Castle

Linda Sindt


Making Darkness Light: A Life of John Milton

Joe Moshenska


Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Hearts

Nadine Akkerman


The Making of Oliver Cromwell

Ronald Hutton


Great British Stately Homes: A Pictorial History

Felicity Forster


Devil-Land: England Under Siege, 1588-1688

Clare Jackson


Poet of Revolution: The Making of John Milton

Nicholas McDowell


To honour God: The spirituality of Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell


A Very Gallant Gentleman: Colonel Francis Thornhaugh...

Stuart B. Jennings


Hoax: The Popish Plot That Never Was

Victor Stater


The Fall of Charles I

Jane Hayter-Hames


Margins of Late Medieval London, 1430-1540

Charlotte Berry