Herbal Medications

Ashkenazi Herbalism: Rediscovering the Herbal Traditions of...

Adam Siegel and Deatra Cohen


Working The Roots: Over 400 Years of Traditional African...

Michele Elizabeth Lee


Radical Remedies: An Herbalist's Guide to Empowered Self-Care

Brittany Ducham and Elana Gabrielle


The Plant Clinic

Erin Lovell Verinder


The Modern Herbal Dispensatory: A Medicine-Making Guide

Steven Horne and Thomas Easley


The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook: A Home Manual

James Green and Ajana


500 Time-Tested Home Remedies and the Science Behind Them:...

Linda B. White M. D., Barbara Brownell Grogan, et al.


The Forest Reminds Us Who We Are: Connecting to the Living...

Sean Padraig O'Donoghue


Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America

Steven Foster and James A. Duke


Wild Remedies: How to Forage Healing Foods and Craft Your Own...

Emily Han and Rosalee de la ForΓͺt