Fundamentals of Chinese Characters

John Jing-Hua Yin


HSK 2 Chinese Grammar

John Pasden


Chinese Characters for HSK, Level 1

Sheldon C. H. Smith


A Phonological History of Chinese

Zhongwei Shen


Experiencing Chinese - Oral Course

Zuohong Chen


Chineasy: The New Way to Read Chinese

Shaolan Hsueh and Noma Bar


Hsk 1-6: Guia de Vocabulário Completo

Pinhok Languages


Unlocking Mandarin Chinese with Paul Noble

Paul Noble and Kai-Ti Noble


Chinese Characters for HSK, Level 3

Sheldon Smith


Chinese Writing Workbook: First 100 Words

H. Wang and M. Kan


Readings in Contemporary Chinese Cinema: A Textbook of...

Chih-P'Ing Chou and Joanne Chiang


Business Chinese

Jiaying Howard, Songren Cui, et al.


A Trip to China: An Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese -...

Der-Lin Chao, Chih-P'Ing Chou, et al.