Chineasy Travel

Shaolan Hsueh and Noma Bar


Beginning Chinese Characters: Learn 300 Chinese Characters...

Haohsiang Liao and Kang Zhou


Learn Chinese Characters Writing Exercise Book Mi Zi Ge Ben...

Gregor Lippe and 龙之&#2 Dream of the Dragon


Introduction to Chinese-English Translation: Key Concepts and...

Zinan Ye and Lynette Xiaojin Shi


Gu Wu for Secondary Chinese Mandarin: Teacher Pack & CD-ROM...

Yan Wang, Kwun Shun Shih, et al.


Periplus Pocket Cantonese Dictionary: Cantonese-English...

Martha Lam and Lee Hoi Ming


Dim Sum Time - Cantonese: With Traditional Chinese Characters...

Andrew Ke-Ping Sun and Siu Ting Tsang


Wu: Chinese Link_2

Sue-Mei Wu, Yueming Yu, et al.


Fundamentals of Chinese Characters

John Jing-Hua Yin


Business Chinese

Jiaying Howard, Songren Cui, et al.


A Phonological History of Chinese

Zhongwei Shen