The Visitor in a Strange Hat

Scott Weldon Clark


Bob the Vegetarian Zombie: That

Brandon Lee Tasker


The Year Without Christmas

John M. Wills


The Holly-Tree

Charles Dickens


Dark Christmas Tales

Nathan I Partlow


Waffles and Pancakes: A Lesson in the True Meaning of Christmas

Cindy Springsteen and Carol Ann Whittle


The Crimson Coat: A Christmas Story

Judith Lawrence


Pancake Club Christmas Collection

Vicki Bell, Marilyn Conner Miles, et al.


Our Last Christmas Wish

Michael F. Combs and Michael Combs


The Gift

R. W. Thompson


Christmas Class Reunion

Paul E Wootten


Snowed In & Set Up

Whitley Cox


Classmates: A Christmas Love Story

Maurisa L. Havrilla


Broken Angel

C. a. Ayres


The Christmas Knife

Jackie North


A Christmas Twist

Annora Selestina


Merrily Ever After

Julia Keanini


The Battle of Life

Charles Dickens


An Alpha for Christmas

Charity Parkerson


Santa Inc

Cj Livingstone and Timothy Banks