Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith


Pride and Prometheus (Reprint)

John Kessel


Kensington Quartet

Zulfikar Ghose


Sherlock's Night Before Christmas

Julie Petersen and Sheryl Dickert


Countdown City

Ben H. Winters


Raether's Enzyme

S. L. Flynn


Gay Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen and Kate Christie


Stolen by the Fae: Paranormal Romance

Laxmi Hariharan


A Christmas Carol - The 21st Century Tale

Jacqueline Maylor


Swerve: The Little Bastards 2

Jim Lindsay


What Are the Chances?

Robert Scotellaro


A Demon's Plaything: The Elite Guards

Amelia Hutchins and E. and F. Indie Services


Taken by the Alpha: Omegaverse M/F Romance

Laxmi Hariharan


The Suite Life

Mj Summers and Melanie Summers


Muppets Meet the Classics: The Phantom of the Opera

Erik Forrest Jackson, Gaston LeRoux, et al.


The First

Lisa M. Green


Closure: based on a true story

Tasche Laine


The Lightning of Possible Storms

Jonathan Ball


Card Catalogue

Alistair Ian Blyth


The We and the They

Kyra Ann Dawkins