Mikki and Meeko: A Teenage Love

K. Sherrie



Kimberly Fields


Get Down or Lay Down

Derrick Johnson


Tears of Evidence

Jonas Brinkley


Black & Blue 2

Lady Lissa


Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives

Hector Tha Plug


Too Far Gone

S. Johnson


Mo' Money Mo' Problems: The Come-Up

Corey L. Jackson


I'll Do Anything for My Philly Goon

Nakeria Hendley


Life: A Murderer's Love Story

Kay F. Gray


Finesse: A Holy Ghost Filled Hood Book

Danielle Rashay


My Karma

Shaniqua Moore


The Lion of Judah

MR Kenneth West



Nick Mann


Secrets: Buried But Still Alive

Sharmeka Ballard


R3d F3bruary

A. Plex


One Night With a Witch

Zoe Forward


My Own Terms

T. Nicole


She For Keeps A Urban Love Story 2

Queeny Pitts



Thomas Britton


Rare Infinity: The Way of a Woman

Selma a. Copper


Baby Mama from Hell!!: Thotastic & Savage!!

Latrese Nicole Riley


The Curse of the Owl: The Prequel

Qatarina Wanders


What's Love Gotta Do with Marriage

Mykisha Mac