Christian - Suspense

The Order: Formerly Stranger in the Pulpit

MR Bryan M. Powell


Deadly Ties

Vicki Hinze


The Right Call

Kathy Herman


My Name Is Mark!

Daniel Perry


The Oath: Formerly Stranger in the White House

MR Bryan M. Powell


She's Mine

Lajohna Newbould


Perfect Alibi

Melody Carlson


Anchored by Death: A Jo Oliver Thriller

Catherine Finger


Death Toll

A Scribe and O. G. Mundy



R. H. Krebs


Discovery on Spirit Mountain

K Z West


The Book of Carmichael

Denise Dewald


Distorted: Cape Thomas

Christy Barritt


Once in Awhile

Kendra G Johnson


Dark Lake

Clare Revell


A Different Child Born

Rebecca Gertner Morgan


In Times of Trouble

Yolonda Tonette Sanders


God's Prisoner

James Truett


Man Drama

G D Talbot