Christian - Collections & Anthologies

His Stories

C P Henderson


Jesus Short Stories

Jay Santiago


The Choice

Deborah Snyder


Long Shorts on Love: Three Novellas

Doris Teresa Wight


Good will win over evil: Prayer changes things

Christina L. Shearin


Everyone Has A Story: (What's Yours?)

Shirley Harmon



Pam Garlick


Josephine's Spiritual Adventure: Look At Me

Rose Mary Williams and Autumn Green


Three Crosses

Carrie L Proper


Heart to Heart Stories for Moms

Joe L Wheeler


Heart to Heart Stories of Friendship

Joe L Wheeler


The Shenanigan King: Faith's Right Hand

Joseph P Estes


Sinning in Secret

Justjae Warner and Jordan K


Come What May: It's All Good

L a Diaz


The Tuppeny Bear: A Christmas Story

Mike Pearce


Love Will

Cindy Brunk


My Favorite Men

Evelyn Baughman


From Darkness to Light

Gloria Hartman


Spirit of Christmas

Olivia Stowe


Now I Can Go on

Patricia Marie G


Wisdom's Way: Tales, Treasures, Truths

Steven A. Barben


Take Me Away

Suzanne D. Williams