Christian - Collections & Anthologies

Written in the Dust

Pavel Javornicky


Amish Brides

Amy Lillard, Jennifer Beckstrand, et al.


Twist of Fate

Jerry Ziemer


The Inventor's Gift

Edward J. Campa


Chew on This: Fifty-Two Inspirational Points to Ponder

Kelly Brock Tuck and Gary Brock


Heart to Heart Stories for Dads

Joe L Wheeler


The Bodyguard

J. Steele


An EncouragingU Christmas

Roger Barbee, Lynna Clark, et al.


Father Jacko's Gozo Stories

Martyn Offord


Opportunities of a Lifetime

Robert Shafer


Two Weeks Every Summer: Stories from Camp Meeting

Carolyn Steele Agosta


Four Christmases

Loretta Livingstone


To Catch a Bachelor

Cynthia Hickey, Kathleen Y'Barbo, et al.


Fiction from Tegel Prision

Clifford J. Green and Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Who Killed My Husband?

Michelle Stimpson


Her Story

Renee Beltran


18 Redbud Lane: Six Generations Build a Legacy of Faith on...

T J Radle, Vickie McDonough, et al.


The Twenty-Fourth of June

Grace S. Richmond