Christian - Futuristic

Resurrection Day: A New World novel

Bill K. Underwood


Open Warfare

Russ Scalzo and Shannon Ehrola


Second Time Around

Nancy Moser


The Witness

Joseph Lee Guerra


The Last American State: Volume I: The War on Terror

Robert D. Leigh



Kathy Tyers



Daniel Peyton


Pioneer One

Kenneth R. Tarr


Retribution: A Time-Travel Suspense Novel

R. S. Ingermanson


The REIGN: Out of Tribulation

Jeffrey McClain Jones


Cethriuxs: Ato 1 - O Esquadrão

Giovane Rodrigues Silva


The Darkness Deepens

Sara Davison



Gary K. Pranger


Hidden Thrones

Russ Scalzo


Rebuilding the Planet: Gathering: Episode One

Isaac Wolfe