Christian - Futuristic

Counted Worthy

Leah E Good


Broken Angel

Sigmund Brouwer


An Inheritance of Hope

Larissa Self


ForeTold: Survivor Stories of the Prophetic End of the World

Jeff Swanson and Scott Young


Wind and Shadow

Kathy Tyers



Bb Prescott


Transgression: A Time-Travel Suspense Novel

R. S. Ingermanson


The Nephilim Imperatives: Dark Sentences

Terry James



Bryan Davis


Time Lottery

Nancy Moser


Fight for Liberty: Book Three in the Liberty Trilogy

Theresa A. Linden


Heavenly Mortal: Kingdom Wars Book Two

Jack Cavanaugh


Halo of Brimstone: Kingdom Wars Book Three

Jack Cavanaugh



Jon Del Arroz



Jon Del Arroz


The Witness

Joseph Lee Guerra


Jordan's Arrow

Allen Steadham


The Divine Space Pirates

C. S. Johnson


King of Rimshire

Donald Howell


Stell-Ore Justice

J. I. O'Neal


The Undying Fire

H. G. Wells


The Religion War

Scott Adams


Invasion of Darkness

David O. Bullock