Christian - Futuristic

Caught Up In The Storm (Riverhead Trade)

Pam Llamas


The Apocalypse Revelations

Bill Salus


The Last Disciple

Sigmund Brouwer and Hank Hanegraaff


One Mind's Eye

Kathy Tyers


Shivering World

Kathy Tyers



Bb Prescott


Deceived: The Book of Merrick

Kevin Keiser


Babylon Rising

Tim LaHaye and Greg Dinallo


Time Lottery

Nancy Moser


Embers of Empire

Mark Goodwin


Testing Liberty: Book Two in the Liberty Trilogy

Theresa A. Linden


Halo of Brimstone: Kingdom Wars Book Three

Jack Cavanaugh


Crystal Witness

Kathy Tyers


The Witness

Joseph Lee Guerra


Spaced Out

Korissa Allen


The Undying Fire

H. G. Wells



Mary Sue Fleming


The Damned May Enter

Jedidiah Paschall


Beyond Knowing: It's Just a Chip... Right?

Cynthia Pavlicek


Zealot Finale: Book Two

J. K. Bailey


Length of Days Trilogy

Doris Gaines Rapp