Christian - Futuristic

Ready for the End

Lakiisha Cook


Across the Stars

David Charles Unwin


Sunny Days: The Story of a Digital Soul

Stephen Douglas Baker


In The Valley Of Nineveh: Week One

L. Steven Rencher


A New Horizon

H. Nelson Freeman


The Winter of Desolation

Samuel Sherwood


Atlas Died

Michelle N. Onuorah


The Last Days Of Time

Garry D Ledbetter


Turn Red Tomorrow

Michael Zargona


The Wall

R L Meyer


A Shattered World

Lelia Rose Foreman


Pasquale's "Before the Fire"

Joseph a. Pasquale


A Shattered World


K'Narf Etaguf

Steven A. Vaughn


Good vs Right: Devotee Edition

Albert Oon



Jared Golden


The Rapture Chronicles Zombies

Richard Vanderploeg