Thrillers - Legal

Judicial Indiscretion

Michael Arkin


The Answer to Everything

Ken Kuhlken


The Partners

Bruce Bronstein


My Cousin, Charlene

Charlie Rowell


Deviant Agendas: A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller

Katherine Smith Dedrick


Hazardous Money

Alastair Gibbons


Fall of the Brown Recluse

Randy McKay


The Weight

Hubert Crouch


Public Trust Lib/E

A W Gray


Winning is Everything: A Lawyers Gone Bad Novel

Digital Fiction and Vincent L. Scarsella


La main dans le sac

Sandra Dumeix


An Eye for Justice

Mark Young


Secrets de Fiscs: 1 - Hold-up Γ  Vaduz

Roland Veillepeau


Witness Chase

R. J. Jagger



Larry a Winters


Broken Eagle

James Crouse


Noble Chase

Michael Rudolph



Jr. Thomas Mann


Blood Flag: A Paul Madriani Novel

Steve Martini


Fall of Night

Alan Gravitt


Intentional Acts

Melissa F. Miller


The Tortoise Shell Game

V. Frank Asaro