Romance - Historical - 20th Century

Der Amerikaner

Gabriele Reuter



Hannah Fielding


One Sausalito Summer

Colleen Rae


The Memoir of Johnny Devine

Camille Eide


Under the Radar

Lillian Francis


No Secrets: A Young Lady's Search for Answers

Mary Christian Payne


The Light That Lies (Illustrated Edition) (Reprint of an...

George Barr McCutcheon and F. Graham Cootes


The Wiving of Lance Cleaverage (Illustrated Edition)

Alice Macgowan and Robert Edwards


Mam'selle Jo (Illustrated Edition)

Harriet T. Comstock and E F Ward


The Dark Side of Dixie

D R Bucy


Japonette (Illustrated Edition) (Reprint of an Earlier)

Robert W. Chambers and Charles Dana Gibson


Con el Pasar del Tiempo.



A Moment Forever

Cat Gardiner


Whirlwind: Based on a true story.

Moira Katson and Andrew Palmer


On the Homefront of Dobson Town

Dg Nelson



David Mattches and Sebastian Swan


Leda: Roman aus dem nahen Osten

Kurt Aram


No Good Men

Thea McAlistair


The Nurse and Her Sniper

Bruce Cooke


Land Girl: A WW2 Christian Romance

Ash Lefler Lelle


Les ailes noires des abeilles

Gabrielle Desabers