Romance - LGBT - Gay

Hell and Back

Dirk Greyson


Sleepless: A Home Outtake

Cara Dee


Mark My Soul

Grayson Bell


The Claiming of Alec Caldwell

Casey K. Cox


Chasing Thunderbird, Volume 13

J. Leigh Bailey


Still Your Guy

Devon McCormack



Maris Black


The Hurricane's Triangle: The Golden Scepter

Brent Archer


Satin (Deutsche Ausgabe)

K. C. Wells and Meredith Russell


Knight's Fire

Sj Himes


A Touch of Color

Sloane Kennedy


Crossing The Line

Andria Large and M D Saperstein


The Hit Man Cometh

Edward Kendrick


A Dragon's Treasure: Nyx's Pixie

K. M. Mahoney


Aura: Quinn's Gambit

Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn


Love of the Game

Phetra H. Novak


Surrendering for Two

Morticia Knight


Fighting for All

Morticia Knight


Hearts Under Fire

Kelly Wyre



Rick R. Reed


Reckless Love

Concierge Literary Designs


Walk in the Shade

Jordan Blue


Two For Tennis

Michael Elias



John Roman Baker