Historical - Colonial America & Revolution

Into the Wilderness: The Long Hunters

Rosanne Bittner


Becoming Lady Washington

Betty Bolte


Just Imagine Lib/E

Susan Elizabeth Phillips


The Mine: Tales From a Revolution - Connecticut

Lars D. H. Hedbor


Shadows and Footprints

Rick Ruja


The Rose and the Whip

Jae Hodges


The Mayflower Marriage

Arminal Dare



Richard Taylor


The Persistent Buccaneer

Dana Kester-McCabe


The Persistent Buccaneer LARGE PRINT

Dana Kester-McCabe


The Last Pilgrim

Noelle A. Granger


Tituba: The Intentional Witch of Salem

Dave Tamanini


Winter Eternal II

E. Thomas Joseph


A Cord of Three Strands

Christy Distler


Disarming the Wildest Warrior

Helen Louise Cox


Journeys of Faith: A Family Saga; Book 1

Chris G. Weisling


Betsy Roberts

N. G. Neville


All Will Be Well: A Mayflower Novel

Amy C. Martin