Women Authors

Thick as Thieves

Katherine Chandler


Debbie Tucker Green Plays: One

Debbie Tucker Green


Penetration VOL. 1

Sheena E


Kamloopa: An Indigenous Matriarch Story

Kim Senklip Harvey


The Collected Plays of Milcha Sanchez-Scott

Milcha Sanchez-Scott


My Children Alongside the Battlefield: A Collection of...

Vicki Davis and Tivoni Brundage


Coffee Time Indulgence: A Collection of Rare Short Stories

Laurie Sorensen and Pauline Poole


Plays by Susan Glaspell

Susan Glaspell


The Glove Thief

Beth Flintoff


From Exposure To Closure

Ronald Echols


Wood Calls Out to Wood

Corinne Donly


This Restless House

Zinnie Harris


Middle2 from Somewhere Small

Karin J Eyres


Once The Birds Fly

Huma Adnan


The Champagne Sisterhood: A Family Secrets Novel

Chris Keniston


Killa & Heaven: He's In Love with the Coco

Dainnese L. Jackson


Fit For A Queen

Betty Shamieh


A Convenient Catastrophe

Tracy Bayle


What Is to Be Done?

Mavis Gallant


The Writer

Ella Hickson



Stacey Gregg


Running Wild

Samuel Adamson


In Darkest America

Joyce Carol Oates