Women Authors

Nora: A Doll's House

Stef Smith


Anatomy Of A Hug

Kat Ramsburg


Our Journey Towards Purpose: 10 Brave Women Share their...

Kiwan N. Fitch-Webster


Amy and the Orphans

Lindsey Ferrentino


Endurance: Based on a True Story

Kimberly R. Dinnan


The Browning Version - A Play in One Act

Terence Rattigan


We're Gonna Die

Young Jean Lee


One for Sorrow

Cordelia Lynn


Familiar (Tcg Edition)

Danai Gurira


The Preacher's Wife

Dejaan LaFleur


The Confession of Lily Dare

Charles Busch


Cumbres Borrascosas

Emily Bronte


The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek

Naomi Wallace


Stolen Innocence

Angie Boyd and Gitmor' Graphixs


The Red Shoes

Hans Christian Andersen


The War Boys

Naomi Wallace


Grace Under Fire

Marilyn Leck and Phyllis R. Brown


My Mum's a Twat

Anoushka Warden


Nell Gwynn: (west End Edition)

Jessica Swale


An Acorn

Caridad Svich


Triplex Nervosa Trilogy, Volume 38

Marianne Ackerman