Women Authors

When the Smoke Cleared

Fern Johnson


Lose Yourself

Katherine Chandler


Hannah Cowley - The Belle's Strategem

Hannah Cowley


Vampire Dreams

Suzy McKee Charnas


A Soul Remembers

Lea Kapiteli


Like Two Saplings: A Memoir

Margery Al-Chalabi


Song from Far Away

Simon Stephens


The House Sitter

Jeanie Green


The Things Left Unsaid

Annell St Charles



Amy Herzog


Straight Jacket Winter

Esther DuQuette and Gilles Poulin-Denis


Leaving Dorian

Linda Dynel


Wind Resistance

Karine Polwart



Selina Fillinger


The Welkin (Tcg Edition)

Lucy Kirkwood


When the Soul Cries: Trauma. Tears. Triumph.

The Fearless Storytellers' Movement


Ironbound and Other Plays

Martyna Majok


The Verge

Susan Glaspell


When the Crows Visit

Anupama Chandrasekhar


UNBROKEN Road to Freedom

Kimberly Regan