Women Authors

Contemporary Plays by African Women: Niqabi Ninja; Not That...

Tosin Jobi-Tume, Jc Niala, et al.


FRANKENSTEIN or The Modern Prometheus (The Revised 1831...

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


The Sound of the Snow Geese

Dax Meredith



Gillian Wells


Nurses On The Inside: Stories Of The HIV/AIDS Epidemic In NYC

Tree District Books, Ellen Matzer, et al.


Who Do We Think We Are?

Sonja Linden


from one sister to another, with love

Zahra Batool


Thoughts of Leaving

Tess Hamilton


Women Laughing Alone With Salad

Sheila Callaghan


Dance Nation

Clare Barron



Theresa Rebeck


Mlima's Tale

Lynn Nottage


Home: Four Plays

Jan Shiarella McGrath


Glass. Kill. Bluebeard. Imp.

Caryl Churchill


Other Side of the Game

Amanda Parris


Rachel: A Play in Three Acts

Angelina Weld Grimke


Do You Feel Anger?

Mara Nelson-Greenberg


The Making of St. Jerome

Marie Beath Badian


Broken Pieces

Lakeenah Fitts


Brontรซ the World Without

Jordi Mand


Sound of the Beast

Donna-Michelle St Bernard


Native Gardens

Karen Zacarรญas


Obscure Destinies

Willa Cather