Data Visualization

Better Data Visualizations: A Guide for Scholars,...

Jonathan Schwabish


Information Graphics

Sandra Rendgen


Knowledge Graphs: Fundamentals, Techniques, and Applications

Craig A. Knoblock, Mayank Kejriwal, et al.


DAX Patterns: Second Edition

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari


Getting to Know Arcgis Pro 2.6

Amy Collins and Michael Law


GIS Tutorial for Arcgis Pro 2.6

Kristen S. Kurland and Wilpen L. Gorr


Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide: Build dashboards and...

Brian Knight, Devin Knight, et al.


Python Fundamentals

Amos Omondi, Ryan Marvin, et al.


GIS Tutorial for Arcgis Desktop 10.8

Kristen S. Kurland and Wilpen L. Gorr


The Practitioner's Guide to Graph Data: Applying Graph...

Denise Gosnell and Matthias Broecheler


Introduction to Data Visualization & Storytelling: A Guide...

Ali Fenwick, Jose Berengueres, et al.


Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow

Bas P. Harenslak and Julian Rutger de Ruiter


Python Programming and Visualization for Scientists

Alex Decaria and Grant W. Petty