Digital Media - General Books

The User Experience Team of One

Leah Buley


Service Design

Lavrans Lovlie, Andy Polaine, et al.


C++ Programming Fundamentals

D. Malhotra and N. Malhotra


My iPad for Seniors (Covers All Ipads Running Ipados 15)

Michael Miller and Molehill Group


The Role of a Great Game Designer

Richard Carrillo


Build Better Products

Laura Klein


The Age of Data: Embracing Algorithms in Art & Design

Christoph Grünberger


A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences

Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery


The User's Journey

Donna Lichaw and Eva Lotta-Lamm


Conversations with Things: UX Design for Chat and Voice

Rebecca Evanhoe and Diana Deibel


Product Management for UX People

Christian Crumlish