History Books, Page 8

Inventing the Internet

Janet Abbate


ORIC-1 Basic Programming Manual

John Scriven


The Complete Sinclair ZX81 Basic Course

Beam Software


Bill Gates Speaks: Insight from the World's Greatest...

Janet Lowe and Margaret a. Lowe


From Mainframes to Smartphones: A History of the...

Martin Campbell-Kelly and Daniel D. Garcia-Swartz


From Silicon Valley to Singapore: Location and Competitive...

Stephan Haggard, Richard F. Doner, et al.


Anti-Computing: Dissent and the Machine

Caroline Bassett


The Chinese Typewriter: A History

Thomas S Mullaney


The ZX Spectrum Ula: How to Design a Microcomputer

Christopher David Smith


Milestones in Analog and Digital Computing

Herbert Bruderer


Great Moments in Computing - The Complete Edition: The...

Mel Croucher and Robin Evans


The History of the Telephone

Herbert N. Casson