History Books, Page 7

Computer: A History of the Information Machine

William Aspray, Jeffrey R. Yost, et al.


Building Blocks for BBC Games

Bruce Bayley


Meteoric programming for the Oric-1

John Vander Reyden


How the ThinkPad Changed the Worlda and Is Shaping the Future

Arimasa Naitoh and William J. Holstein


A Brief History of Computing (2012)

Gerard O'Regan


Affect and Artificial Intelligence

Elizabeth A Wilson


Strategic Computing: DARPA and the Quest for Machine...

Philip Shiman and Alex Roland


Ancient Computers, Part I - Rediscovery, Edition 2

Stephen Kent Stephenson


Not Only 30 Programs for the Sinclair ZX81

Retro Reproductions


New Media Behind the Iron Curtain: Cultural History of Video,...

Krzysztof Jajko, Piotr Sitarski, et al.


ORIC-1 Basic Programming Manual

John Scriven


Back into the Storm: A Design Engineer's Story of Commodore...

Margaret Gorts Morabito and Bil Herd