Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Future Ethics

Cennydd Bowles


Value Sensitive Design: Shaping Technology with Moral...

David G. Hendry and Batya Friedman


A Theory of Fun for Game Design

Raph Koster


Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond

Louis Rosenfeld, Peter Morville, et al.


Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design

Jenifer Tidwell, Charles Brewer, et al.


Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas

Natasha Dow Schüll


Artificial Intelligence: The Insights You Need from Harvard...

Erik Brynjolfsson, Thomas H Davenport, et al.


The Autonomous Revolution: Reclaiming the Future We've Sold...

William Davidow and Michael S. Malone


Humility Is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the...

Katherine Ludwig and Edward D. Hess


The Smart Wife: Why Siri, Alexa, and Other Smart Home Devices...

Jenny Kennedy and Yolande Strengers