Web - Search Engines Books

Deep Learning with Python

Francois Chollet


Recommendation Engines

Michael Schrage


The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization

Stephan Spencer, Eric Enge, et al.


A General Model for Image Search Engine

Kk Umesh


The Basic Genealogy Checklist: 101 Tips & Tactics To Find...

Henrietta M. Christmas and Paul F. Rhetts


Solr in Action

Timothy Potter and Trey Grainger


Search Engine Domination: The Proven Plan, Best Practice...

Clay Clark and Jonathan Kelly


Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide: A Distributed Real-Time...

Clinton Gormley and Zachary Tong


Relevant Search: With Applications for Solr and Elasticsearch

John Berryman and Doug Turnbull


Metadata Matters

John Horodyski


Search Patterns: Design for Discovery

Peter Morville and Jeffery Callender