Software Development & Engineering - Project Management Books

Engineering Management for the Rest of Us

Sarah Drasner


Engineering Management for the Rest of Us

Sarah Drasner


Software Architecture: The Hard Parts: Modern Trade-Off...

Mark Richards, Neal Ford, et al.


Software Engineering at Google: Lessons Learned from...

Hyrum Wright, Titus Winters, et al.


Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems

Chris Jones, Niall Richard Murphy, et al.


The Art of Leadership: Small Things, Done Well

Michael Lopp


Building Event-Driven Microservices: Leveraging...

Adam Bellemare


Debugging Teams: Better Productivity Through Collaboration

Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick


Devops for Dummies

Emily Freeman


Software Requirements (Revised)

Joy Beatty and Karl Wiegers


Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your User Stories

David Evans, Gojko Adzic, et al.


Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High Quality...

Ronald Cummings - John and Owais Peer


Essential Kanban Condensed

David J. Anderson and Andy Carmichael