Neural Networks Books

The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect

Judea Pearl and Dana MacKenzie


Data Science for Neuroimaging: An Introduction

Tal Yarkoni and Ariel Rokem


Deep Learning

John D. Kelleher


Fundamentals of Deep Learning: Designing Next-Generation...

Nikhil Buduma, Joe Papa, et al.


Understanding Deep Learning

Simon J. D. Prince


Deep Learning for Coders with Fastai and Pytorch: AI...

Sylvain Gugger and Jeremy Howard


Make Your Own Neural Network

Tariq Rashid


How AI Works: From Sorcery to Science

Ronald T. Kneusel


Machine Learning with Python Cookbook: Practical Solutions...

Chris Albon and Kyle Gallatin


Deep Learning with Python, Second Edition

Francois Chollet


Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn: Develop...

Yuxi (Hayden) Liu and Sebastian Raschka


Prompt Engineering for Generative AI: Future-Proof Inputs for...

James Phoenix and Mike Taylor