Databases - Data Mining

Data Sketches: A Journey of Imagination, Exploration, and...

Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu


Data Action: Using Data for Public Good

Sarah Williams


Painting by Numbers: Data-Driven Histories of...

Diana Seave Greenwald


Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments: A Practical Guide...

Ron Kohavi, Diane Tang, et al.


Mongodb: The Definitive Guide: Powerful and Scalable Data...

Kristina Chodorow, Shannon Bradshaw, et al.


Big Data: A Very Short Introduction

Dawn E. Holmes


Basketball Data Science: With Applications in R

Paola Zuccolotto and Marica Manisera


Python Feature Engineering Cookbook

Soledad Galli


Practical Statistics for Data Scientists: 50+ Essential...

Andrew Bruce, Peter Gedeck, et al.


Data Management at Scale: Best Practices for Enterprise...

Piethein Strengholt


Practical Natural Language Processing: A Comprehensive Guide...

Bodhisattwa Majumder, Anuj Gupta, et al.


SQL Cookbook: Query Solutions and Techniques for All SQL Users

Anthony Molinaro and Robert de Graaf


The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference,...

Robert Tibshirani, Jerome Friedman, et al.