Citizen Engagement

Kristof Verslype


Discreet password logbook: Never forget a password anymore:...

Ashley's Handy Password Keeper Book


Workshop for Projects Management

Andreas Sofroniou


Twitter for Introverts

Morgan Barclay


Duomenu baziu valdymas: nuo teorijos iki MySQL

Mindaugas Macernis


Matematicheskoe Modelirovanie

Korobeynikov Anatoliy


Compound Image Segmentation and Compression for Secure...

V. Radha and D. Maheswari Maheshlenin


Transformacion UML-XML-Bdor-UML

Rojas Janmarco and Besembel Isabel


On the Way to Digital Bangladesh

Bepery Chinmay, Sarkar Mihir Kanti, et al.



Barua Kuntal


The History of Greece, Volume 2

Connop Thirlwall


Why Agile Works

David Benz and Michael de La Maza


It's Always About the Money

Julian Caesar