General Books

Game Changers: The Video Game Revolution

Phaidon Phaidon Editors


The Ethical Algorithm: The Science of Socially Aware...

Michael Kearns and Aaron Roth


The Architecture of Open Source Applications

Greg Wilson and Amy Brown


Living with the Algorithm: Servant or Master?: AI Governance...

Tim Clement-Jones and Coran Darling


The Leprechauns of Software Engineering

Laurent Bossavit


11 Strategies of a World-Class Cybersecurity Operations Center

Carson Zimmerman, Kathryn Knerler, et al.


Distributed Systems

Maarten Van Steen and Andrew S. Tanenbaum


HTML and CSS: The Comprehensive Guide

Jürgen Wolf


Full Stack Web Development: The Comprehensive Guide

Philip Ackermann


Data-Driven Science and Engineering: Machine Learning,...

Steven L. Brunton and J. Nathan Kutz


React: The Comprehensive Guide

Sebastian Springer


20 Goto 10

Steven Goodwin


Let Over Lambda

Doug Hoyte