Regional & Ethnic - Italian

Make Them A Meal They Can't Refuse

Frank "don Cheech" Rizzuti


Sicilia: The Cooking of Casa Planeta

Elisa Menduni


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Maria Teresa Di Marco and Marie Cecile Ferre


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Jason Denton and Kathryn Kellinger


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Catherine Fulvio


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Vicki McNickle and Lucy Amico-Peters


Buon Ricordo: How to Make Your Home a Great Restaurant

David Dale and Armando Percuoco


Rose's Table: Stories of a Sicilian-American Family, Told...

The Sanna Children and Sanna Children The Sanna Children


Meine geheimen italienischen KΓΌchen Phantasien: Leeres...

Italienische Kuchengeschen Kochbucher


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Valentina Carbone