Nonfiction - Biography & Memoir

Jeanne & Modigliani

Nadine Van Der Straeten


Leonardo Da Vinci: The Renaissance of the World

Marwan Kahil and Ariel Vittori


The Strange Death of Alex Raymond

Dave Sim and Carson Grubaugh


We All Wish for Deadly Force

Leela Corman



Zara Slattery


Prophet Against Slavery: Benjamin Lay, a Graphic Novel

Marcus Rediker and David Lester


Cheeky: A Head-To-Toe Memoir

Ariella Elovic


Political Power: Pete Buttigieg

Michael Frizell


A Journal of My Father

Jiro Taniguchi


One of Those Days

Yehuda Devir and Maya Devir


Redbone: The True Story of a Native American Rock Band

Christian Staebler, Sonia Paoloni, et al.


Chasing the Bird: Charlie Parker in California

Dave Chisholm


Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams (Ogn Biography...

Michael Allred and Laura Allred


Fights: One Boy's Triumph Over Violence

Joel Christian Gill


Ginseng Roots 1-6: Set of Issues 1-6

Craig Thompson


Neil Peart: The Illustrated Quotes

Lindsay Lee and David Calcano


Weekend Reflections

Jr. Eric E. Brown and Xavier Payne


The Incredible Nellie Bly: Journalist, Investigator,...

Luciana Cimino and Sergio Algozzino


Monograph by Chris Ware

Chris Ware


We Saw Scenery: The Early Diaries of Merrill Markoe

Merrill Markoe