Nonfiction - Biography & Memoir

Orbit: George R.R. Martin: The Power Behind the Thrones

Tom M. Smith, Js Earls, et al.


Everything Is an Emergency Lib/E: An Ocd Story

Jason Adam Katzenstein


Mark Rothko: The Story of His Life

Francesco Matteuzzi and Giovanni Scarduelli



Jeff McComsey


Fame: Russell Wilson

Michael Frizell and Angel Bernuy


Unexpected America

Wanjiru Warama


Worm: A Cuban American Odyssey

Edel Rodriguez



Pauline E. Petsel


Sugar: Life as a Cat

Serge Baeken


After the Cult

David Mark Patteson


Egon Schiele: His Life and Death

Xavier Coste


The darkside of adoption

Robert Walker


Rendez-Vous in Phoenix

Tony Sandoval


Nothing Lasts Forever

Sina Grace


The Official Marillion Coloring Book: The H Years

Eduardo Benatar and David Calcano


Cortez and the Fall of the Aztecs

Brent Truax, Daniel Riveria, et al.


The Vagabond Valise



Sunday's Child

Serena Katt


Aurora Borealice

Joan Steacy