Nonfiction - Biography & Memoir


L. Ann Wheeler


Fine: A Comic about Gender

Rhea Ewing


The Book of Sarah

Sarah Lightman


Gas! Gas! Gas!

Guy Choate and Evan Hallmark


Political Power: Rand Paul

Michael Frizell and Joe Paradise


Tribute: Jack Kirby

Jon Judy


Mozart in Paris

Frantz Duchazeau


The Bridge: How the Roeblings Connected Brooklyn to New York

Peter J. Tomasi and Teo Duvall


Madonna. Una Biografรญa / Madonna. a Biography

Los Pietro Flores


Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense

Noel Simsolo and Dominique He


Rosa Parks

Mariapaola Pesce and Matteo Mancini


Disco Cry: Based on a True Story

Marianna Serocka


Pursuit: A collection of artwork

Lianne Cruz



Tara O'Connor


I Thought You Hated Me



Late Bloomer

Marรฃ(c) Odomo


Donde Estas?

Bea Enriquez


15 Minutes: Kim Kardashian

Marc Shapiro and Noval Hernawan


Aminullah: More Tales of Migration

Carrie MacKinnon



Mathilde Ramadier and Anais Depommier