Nonfiction - Biography & Memoir

Long Pond Road: The Second Issue

Todd Webb


Political Power: Ted Kennedy

Jerome Maida


Iranian Love Stories


In Vitro

William Roy


Black History Leaders: Barack Obama, Colin Powell, Oprah...

Chris Ward and Azim Akberali


Hole in the Heart: Bringing Up Beth

Henny Beaumont


Novelas Grรกficas del Rock: Metallica, Guns N' Roses Y Ramones

Jim McCarthy and Brian Williamson


Credo: The Rose Wilder Lane Story

Peter Bagge


Grace: Based on the Jeff Buckley Story

Tiffanie DeBartolo, Lisa Reist, et al.


Hello Adventure

Alexis Nolla


Sugar: Life as a Cat

Serge Baeken


Monet: Itinerant of Light

Salva Rubio and Efa


Minding the Store: A Big Story about a Small Business

Julie Gaines and Ben Lenovitz


James Brown: Black and Proud

Xavier Fauthoux



Julie Birmant and Clement Oubrerie


Len, a Lawyer in History: A Graphic Biography of Radical...

Michael Steven Smith and Seth Tobocman


Fine: A Comic about Gender

Rhea Ewing


First Family: The Obamas

Chris Ward and Azim Akberali