Urban & Regional

City Planning: A Very Short Introduction

Carl Abbott


Nightlife Cities: the night-time economy

Sergey Avetisyan


The Texas Triangle, 27: An Emerging Power in the Global Economy

J. H. Cullum Clark, Henry Cisneros, et al.


Thanks for Everything (Now Get Out): Can We Restore...

Joseph Margulies


Streets of Corpus Christi

Murphy Givens


City of Champions: A History of Triumph and Defeat in Detroit

Silke-Maria Weineck and Stefan Szymanski


Unlocking the Potential of Post-Industrial Cities

Mac McComas and Matthew E. Kahn


White Plains in the 20th Century

Ben Himmelfarb and Elaine Massena


Noe Valley

Bill Yenne


The Era Way, Not the Error Way

Stanley Cox