Mergers & Acquisitions

Organizational Culture in the Management of Mergers

Afsaneh Nahavandi and Ali Malekzadeh


The Art of M&A Integration 2nd Ed: A Guide to Merging...

Alexandra Reed Lajoux


Beyond the Deal: A Revolutionary Framework for Successful...

Hubert Saint-Onge and Jay Chatzkel


Broken Handoff: Saving Your Assets

Michael Gorton, Darien George, et al.


The Art of Distressed M&a: Buying, Selling, and Financing...

H Peter Nesvold, Alexandra Reed Lajoux, et al.


Middle Market M & A: Handbook for Investment Banking and...

Robert T. Slee, Christian W Blees, et al.


Rapid Results!: How 100-Day Projects Build the Capacity for...

Ron Ashkenas and Robert H. Schaffer


Post-Merger Management: Value Creation in M&A Integration...

Christoph Rohloff and Kirsten Meynerts-Stiller


CPA Firm Mergers and Acquisitions: How to Buy a Firm, How to...

Joel L. Sinkin and Terrence E. Putney


1&a It ] Website

Janice M. Roehl-Anderson


Strategic Acquisition: A Smarter Way to Grow Your Company

MR Gary Schine, Gary Schine, et al.


Buying Businesses in or Out of Bankruptcy

Ade Asefeso McIps Mba


Due Diligence: An M&A Value Creation Approach

William J. Gole and Paul J. Hilger


Mergers and Acquisitions Basics: The Key Steps of...

Michael E. S. Frankel and Larry H Forman


Emergent: The Power of Systemic Intelligence to Navigate the...

Mieke Jacobs and Paul Zonneveld